Merry Slipshine X-Mas

Sadly, I don't have a Christmas theme type image to post...

So instead, please accept this sneak peek at the cast of my humble Slipshine webcomic, Bouncin Bon Bon Ebony Blade. Look for future updates in 2009!





The spiritual successor of a character from this comic:

With this girl's hair (also from the same comic:

and glasses, because glasses are super.

"Koneko" was the name of the girl from the earlier comic. So Skippy is basically a less "lame-o anime" version of her. It's the archtype of the "extremely hot but shy girl who is always discovering how much she loves sex" that is found everywhere in porn.
It's fun to write, because, well... it's basically hot, for one thing... and for another, it's so intrinsically goofy.

Skippy is such a porn character.

And her name is Skippy.

In the next entry I'll probably go over what the deal is with the shininess.


Detail Mania (+ video!)

(click to enlarge)

Would you believe that, rather than being lazy and putting off making a new details post, that I've instead been saving up for a giant post of millions of them?

Would you believe a half dozen of them?

(click to enlarge)

I'm quite pleased with the way Summer came out in these panels. The last one in particular just tickles my fancy; I don't think I've ever drawn her more enraptured by a mixture of schadenfreude and opportunism.

And just in case you thought Summer's clothes were less red than she'd ever be caught dead in, I think this detail proves beyond any doubt that the thrill she gets from wearing a certain roommate's clothes is beginning to outweigh her color preference.

...at least when no one else is looking.

And to top it all off, here's another "Making-of" video.

I think I just keep making these because the fast-motion lets me delude myself into thinking I can whip the next one out in no time flat. It's a good delusion to have when deadlines are looming.


The Key to Her Heart 7: THE PLOT THICKENS.

hey, those crazy kids are back again! what horrible web of lies will Julian/et and Nadia get stuck in this time? it's gonna be crazy, that's for sure.

to anyone who's been waiting since May to see where this story goes, I'm sorry I left you hanging for so long! :'{ to anyone who had no idea there was an ongoing story and thought it was just a disjointed collection of little naughty stories about a guy who turns into a gal, I, uh, hope to prove you wrong, I guess! sexfully wrong.

I love drawing little individual silly stories that stand on their own, but ain't nothin' wrong with a little continuity sometimes.


Stockings: The measuring stick of our times.

I like stockings. Making ones with lines on them, be they fishnet or stripes like the above, lets me indulge my deep, intense love of topology. Most porn sites stop at the sex, but here, you get all that plus all the fun of browsing geological maps! That's the Slipshine difference!


Starting a new job, lesson 1: Threatening your boss

Another MoJ chock full of shameful non-nudity. If only Hatsuki's university weren't so strict on their No-shirt, No-undies, No-schooling policy, she wouldn't have to bother with such coverings.

...until it snowed, at least...



Thought I'd share with you the process that Nim and I do, when making comics :D! And since the covers all purdy and colored, I'll use that. Click on it for THE FULL SIZE! This pretty much covers how we do entire comics from start to finish, from thumb-nailing to inks to toning. I may post more rough early drafts later on.

Oh and by the way! Nim is my new partner in porny-crime, SAY HELLO EVERYONE!


Any orgasm you can't walk away from is a good one.

And so the graduation septet comes to a close. I only wish my graduation gift had been as memorable...


I <3 funny faces

When drawing faces, I will often make the same face myself. Perhaps it's some kind of subconscious means to attempt to discover how to draw it better. Or perhaps I'm just a loony.

Now if only I could make the same orgasms as the ones I draw...really must work on that.


Here is Bandwagon. You can jumps on it.

Since Wocgirl is my bestest gay rocket scientist porn comic friend in the entire world, I see fit to take her advice and produce an entry for this site, complete with detail pic! A bit of an oldie at this point, but it's the best example I've got(click for the bigness):

what she's yelling SOUNDS very threatening to him of course

This one comes from Episode 5, which upon looking at is still one of my best-drawn episodes. I need to kick it up a notch! Normally I don't have good detail-pic fodder because I specifically ink things with thick, rudimentary lines so that all pertinent details will show up the way I want them to when shrunk down. But there are exceptions like this image of Elizabeth here flinging the poor innkeeper which has very little discernable detail in the published image.

I'll try to start contributing to this blog more in the future! Perhaps with interesting tidbits of background information about Linburger's setting that doesn't find its way into the narrative proper.


A Wendy Post

Wendy is a character that has been the focal point of some of my more mediocre and embarrassing projects during my years as a young, amateur artist. But she's been a part of my artistic life so long, that I don't think I'll ever be able to stop drawing her. Pretty dorky, isn't it?

Pictured above is a scrapped color image I may redo later, and a snippet from a planned portfolio that's pretty slow-going at the moment. (I'm hoping to have it done by 2045)

I know the art may be a bit jarring to those familiar with Wendy via the old webcomic, as I did, in fact, change her design recently. It was mainly done to bring her in line with my modern style, and also to kind of separate her completely from the "Cutewendy" character that spawned from her.

Admittedly, the resemblance is pretty marginal now, but it is the same girl, really! She's got the glasses and the orange skin and the green hair and everything. But Wendy was always designed as a big bag of fetishes, so I guess it makes sense to apply two of my more recent ones, those being retro hairstyles (see Doctror Voluptua) and "hardbodies", which I guess would be the term for people who look pretty fit, without going so far as to become huge mutant bodybuilders. Good real life examples of this include Susana Spears and Veronika Zemanov√°.

The first instance of "new" Wendy was posted over at Fearsome Oekaki though I know I made some sketchbook illustrations of her earlier. Alas, I can't seem to find those.

Though the Wendy comic that ran from from 1999 to 2003 may be over and done and dead and deleted now, Wendy gets to continue her life as a comic character over at Slipshine. This is from my currently ongoing story called "Later".

It may or may not be interesting to note that before the Wendy webcomic site debuted in 2000, Wendy's character was featured in sexy pinups and various adult comics. Most people probably know her from the webcomic, but in reality, her current appearances in Slipshine are a return to form for her.

Although the original cheesecake art of her in the late 90s were from before I even spent a marginal amount of time studying anatomy or basic art principles, and the "sexy" art was pretty terrible. I have to make it clear that when I say "terrible", I truly mean it was completely fucking terrible:

Of course, my work on the "Wendy Project" that preceded the webcomic isn't well-documented, so I hope I'm not making a mistake in letting y'all know about this!

Oh, what the hell, here's a shot the the final incarnation of the Wendy Project website, before it was replaced with the Wendy webcomic site at the turn of the millennium:
It's actually a pretty decent design, though decidedly Wapanese, for reasons that don't need explaining. The comic was actually already running at that point, and linked in the upper-left.
I've been considering bringing a "Wendy" website of this type back, but I already have a lot of websites...

In short... Wendy: From a horribly drawn pin-up girl and pornstar, to a star of a mediocre webcomic, to a (I'd like to think) decently-drawn pinup girl and pornstar.


I conclude with a rather cute panel from a recent Slipshine comic called "Secrets", wherein Wendy wipes herself off.

Fit for a frame.

Clicky make Biggy.

Hatsuki will probably be getting a screencap of this moment, blowing it up, and hanging it on her wall.


Come on, you other artists, join the detail party!


Dirty Details

I've always wondered what I'd look like as a blonde. And also, I've always wondered what I'd look like in a shirt with a giant vibrator on it.

And because this blog is threatening to become safe for work, a couple more that should throw us squarely back into the poiverts section.


Lots of details, if you look fast enough.

In lieu of a single detail pic, this week I thought that since there's no nudity in this particular MoJ, I'd jump on the bandwagon and make a video of it being created. Usually I jump around from panel to panel a lot more, but mindful of the audience looking over my virtual shoulder, I attempted to focus on finishing one panel before moving on to the next...for the most part.


Details you wouldn't otherwise see.

Sometimes the little details just don't show up in the final product. This one's pretty simple and small, but I like it, so I thought I'd share. Maybe I'll make it a regular thing--hey, maybe we should all make it a regular thing, fill out this blog a bit. Eh? Eh??


My mental pussy is queefing out comics like WHOA!

Konichiwa, bitches!
where the fuck is chiba?
i apologize for the lack of porny goodness from 0069. but my goodie-two-shoes alter-ego, Gabe Lamberty has been wasting his time working on pornoless comic books.

This one is called SPEED DEMONZ!
It's going to be published under Angry Viking Press, which is pretty fucking sweet, since this is technically Gabe's first solo non-porno comic, which is kinda like a big deal. Speed Demonz is scheduled to be released during saint diago comic con! (i hope) Click on the link to check out sample pages.

Don't get it twisted folks.
i haven't forgotten about "tha shine"...
as a matter of fact, i'm finishing up a quickie for the stash. i don't mean to be arrogant...but this is probably the sexiest comic i have ever drawn.
haha! stay tuned...


[Coming Soon] Putting the @$$ back in Slipshine...

From the artist that brought you a bunch of discontinued comics that float around in the limbo of Slipshine's Rotating Comic graveyard...


YOU, hapless SLIPSHINE blogspot readers, shall be among the FIRST to witness this MARGINALLY INTERESTING event AS IT UNFOLDS. (Aside from Josh Lesnick and the other Slipshine artists... who're already reading the comic as I upload. XD)







  • Cheezy WEAPON, creator of Sin Cube and Lez
  • Secret Agent 0069, creator of Chiba and Canadian Customs
  • J.J., creator of Anathema, Cherry Bomb, and The Lounge
  • Josh Lesnick, creator of Girly, Doctor Voluptua, and Slipshine itself

Momo drew the terrific banner featuring out favorite internet porn fairy. We'd like to get him and Zamora over there too (they live 600 miles away), but we need to find a hotel for them. =O

We will be at booth 2102, which is right behind the Something*Positive/Devil's Panties/Two Lumps/etc booth! We might sell a little sampler print collection and a couple Slipshine related comics, as well as offering sketches and whatnot. Since I'm paying for 1/2 the booth out of my pocket, half of it will be devoted to Girly too. If we do well this year, we'll keep coming, and try to bring more artists!


Doctor Voluptua - once a Slipshine comic

Doctor Voluptua is one of those comics I'll be working on when I'm not running Slipshine. It may seem strange for the owner of Slipshine to draw a porn comic and host it off site, but the explanation is pretty simple. First of all, space has been kinda limited and I wanted to make room for the other artists. But mostly, this is an ongoing experiment to gauge the possibility of offering free adult comics through the Slipshine network. When it comes to dangerous experiments like this, I'd rather put my own head on the chopping block than send another one of my artists out there.

Offering free porn comics is... not easy. The benefit is that you reach a wider audience. And said benefit can be a curse, because free porn can inevitably lead to high bandwidth. And how can you pay for it? Making money with internet porn can be tough because companies like P*ypal don't want anything to do with us. Companies like CCBill are nice to us but only offer subscription services. So how do we sell merchandise? We'll there are ways. A lot of them are kinda expensive. Ultimately I'll figure something out, but it takes time.

Soooo.. don't expect all of Slipshine to be free anytime soon. But in the distant future, who knows...

At any rate, it's been fun drawing the current story. If you're not reading it yet, that's doctorvoluptua.com Now updating again!


Character design for the next Tales from the Woc:

...and it's already obsolete! Huzzah for changing designs in the midst of the final product!


Speaking of what women want...

I've been contemplating a few things recently and would like to share some ideas!

This is in lieu of the previous post about more "Male" pinups and such. As I've been toiling away on two short stories (traditionally inked + Marker mind you! FULL COLOR YESSSS) I've been wondering if making one that was more focused on the male, would be more acceptable!

I see a lot of hentai/comics/porn that specifically shows more of the female's expression. Now...would it be strange if I were to do a few short stories that, say, flipped that around? Make the focus on the guy? Would a full on Yaoi story be taking it too far? threesome with male/male/female? I know a general consensus is 'no' on the gay (I think), but...well... we sure have a lot of lesbians. And I like them as much as the next gal (pleasing to the eye, fun to draw and all that) but would I be allowed to balance this out with the other gender? How about a tentical+guy story? Any other suggestions are completely welcome. I'm totally willing to draw the other side of it all, I was just under the impression that it was kind of a "Nono". And I wanna give the girl members something to fap over too! (Although I'm sure they do that already <3 )

And I'd be ALL for male-ey pinups :D human, dragon-dudes, or otherwise. That and cute/fluffy couple-shots for bannermaking.



Yes, yes, there was a banner ad I used in the recent 4chan campaign primarily to provoke bemusement, and it sure did. The results were pretty nice, because the whole campaign in general kind of sucked up to that point. It was my fault for making a bunch of bland, boring, generic porn ads... but I'll save that for another post, probably.

Anyway, the ad featuring Tim Fischer's muscled idiot from the Polyp comics was pretty funny. Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho........ but it IS true, you know. We try not to make it a complete nipple-fest in these parts. Nobody seems to like to talk about it, but everyone knows that cocks and man-ass are an integral part of the sexual experience as well. The idea that only lonely guys enjoy porn is the biggest bullshit myth ever. Everyone likes it. Porn is for everybody.

Unfortunately, I've been doing kind of a lame job making this clear myself. If you look at Slipshine's front page, ALL the icons are just tits, tits, tits at the moment. This is entirely my fault. I guess that's where my brain was. In tits. I'm still working on the site revamp, so I'll be sure to alleviate this as time goes by.

(Incidentally, artists, we do need more color, pinuppy art of males for ads and buttons and the like. Or art of men and women placed snugly together so they can fit on an ad or button)

I've said my piece. If anyone has any thought on cocks, please reply to this post.



hi there, blogosphere!


Porn from the Public Domain

So if you enjoyed the little dorm-room hijinx of the recent Tales from the Woc, then you'll be glad to know that we will be returning to Everard Dormitory at least a couple more times, and some new faces should be showing off more than just their faces.

However, there's another idea that I've had which I'm itching to try out. Unfortunately, with my penchant for massive, complex projects, I'm a little unsure which route I should take; I know which route I'd like to take, but given that I'd actually like to finish it in a timely fashion, I should really dial it back a bit.

The idea is something I call "Porn from the Public Domain", and it would involve careful, precision machined desecration of the classics of literature by drawing their main characters boning like horny monkeys.

To up the ante though, the artist in me demands that if I'm going to be dealing with classic literature, I should also work in classic artists/styles. And therein lies the main difficulty: making an entire comic, even just 10 pages, in the style of Titian or Dore would be a massive undertaking. So the options would seem to be either lose the artistic imitations, or shorten the length--to the point that it becomes more like a series of detailed pinups than a whole comic. Right now, the latter is the direction I'm leaning, but uncertainty still claws at me like a zombie Heisenberg.

So I'm officially taking suggestions--both in terms of format and content. What say the masses?


An open note to the artists!

Hello artists!

You probably would like to know why I created this blog for us, so... I'll tell you right now!

It is simply a place where you can primarily talk about your Slipshine-related projects. So if you'd like to post ideas, previews, works in progress, or commentaries on your Slipshine comics, this is the place to do it.

You can talk about other non-Slipshine related projects of yours as well. I understand, though, that most of you already have at least one blog of your own for doing things like this, and I know keeping track of and posting and reposting on multiple blogs can be a bit dizzying. Nevertheless, the option is open! Starting a new webcomic somewhere? Got a book coming out? Plug it here!

That's all there is to it, really. Slipshine has some fun comics, but they're drawn by interesting people as well, so let's let the world know!

The first post.

Sup guys.