Porn from the Public Domain

So if you enjoyed the little dorm-room hijinx of the recent Tales from the Woc, then you'll be glad to know that we will be returning to Everard Dormitory at least a couple more times, and some new faces should be showing off more than just their faces.

However, there's another idea that I've had which I'm itching to try out. Unfortunately, with my penchant for massive, complex projects, I'm a little unsure which route I should take; I know which route I'd like to take, but given that I'd actually like to finish it in a timely fashion, I should really dial it back a bit.

The idea is something I call "Porn from the Public Domain", and it would involve careful, precision machined desecration of the classics of literature by drawing their main characters boning like horny monkeys.

To up the ante though, the artist in me demands that if I'm going to be dealing with classic literature, I should also work in classic artists/styles. And therein lies the main difficulty: making an entire comic, even just 10 pages, in the style of Titian or Dore would be a massive undertaking. So the options would seem to be either lose the artistic imitations, or shorten the length--to the point that it becomes more like a series of detailed pinups than a whole comic. Right now, the latter is the direction I'm leaning, but uncertainty still claws at me like a zombie Heisenberg.

So I'm officially taking suggestions--both in terms of format and content. What say the masses?


An open note to the artists!

Hello artists!

You probably would like to know why I created this blog for us, so... I'll tell you right now!

It is simply a place where you can primarily talk about your Slipshine-related projects. So if you'd like to post ideas, previews, works in progress, or commentaries on your Slipshine comics, this is the place to do it.

You can talk about other non-Slipshine related projects of yours as well. I understand, though, that most of you already have at least one blog of your own for doing things like this, and I know keeping track of and posting and reposting on multiple blogs can be a bit dizzying. Nevertheless, the option is open! Starting a new webcomic somewhere? Got a book coming out? Plug it here!

That's all there is to it, really. Slipshine has some fun comics, but they're drawn by interesting people as well, so let's let the world know!

The first post.

Sup guys.