I <3 funny faces

When drawing faces, I will often make the same face myself. Perhaps it's some kind of subconscious means to attempt to discover how to draw it better. Or perhaps I'm just a loony.

Now if only I could make the same orgasms as the ones I draw...really must work on that.


Anonymous said...

Are you really sure that's an "O" face? ;-)

NaomiKnight said...

Oh man. I totally do that too.

Either it's perfectly sane, or we're both loonies. Equally viable possibilities.

voxie said...

Nope you're no loony I'm afraid. I also pull faces for my characters' expressions, and I've known other artists to do it too. I think it's something many of us have to do, to get inside our characters, whatever their situation.

That's a great face btw. Orgasm faces are so embarrassing IRL, seeing an illustrated version is just awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

eh it looks more like someone put something up the wrong hole face then a orgasm face.