Naked, the formative years...

Heres an early rejected [by myself, i hadnt shown it to anyone] version of the beginning of Naked, as you can see i had the 'waking up with a start' bit going as well as the 'filling the page with naked flesh' thing... I'm not sure what i was thinking of doing with it at this point except for the two of them being free floating out of time.. and such. In any case in the interest of putting something of possible interest on the Slippies!! i post it here...

Also... i seem to have included the 'most sex in the history of balls!' line in there... i cant imagine where i might have picked it up.


The END of END OF SUMMER (again!)

This page is NOT from 2008.


The END of END OF SUMMER: (Chapter XI)

A while back I had doodled this little comic thing shortly after one of Josh's many SUPER Slipshine format shuffles. The other day I stumbled upon these pages amongst one of the many towering stacks of doodles in my bedroom and realized that this would be perfect for sharing on the blog.

So, here they are.

And no, this will never be finished either.


Why No JJ update for June 09.

Usually nothing stops me from ever making an update. I don't like to be a downer, but my Father passed away two weeks ago fighting Lung Cancer. He was diagnosed last year and lived a whole year. There were a lot of hard times during that time and there will be more up ahead.

I won't give up on Slipshine though. I love it. In the fall, I'm thinking of doing a new series and end Cherry Bomb. Something about D-girls in modern times... Cheezey knows what I'm talking about.

Other things I've been doing. I been drawing for a 84-page graphic novel. It's funny to keep switching from the Marvel style to the anime style and vice versa. It'll be due out sometime next year.

I think that's it for now. Sorry if I been a downer. I love Slipshine, but I feel distant from it. I like to keep in touch more. I always keep saying that.

Thanks for your understanding guys.


About to hit 2 years.

It took me HOW long to start drawing noses?

When this next update for Linburger goes up it will officially mark the comic being around for over 2 years now! Time goes by so quickly someimes. Though I constantly see flaws and mistakes in the artwork and writing overall I am really proud of this work. It's fun telling a story just like you would any other, but the camera doesn't pan away when the characters begin to have sex. It's as much a part of who they are as anything else, the good and the bad, the naughty and the nice.

I remember when I first started, severely regretting the design I had come up with for Lin's hair. The vaguely-dreadlocked style with all the random beads and straps was by far one of the most complicated hairstyles I had ever come up with and I kind of dreaded inking it whenever Lin was on-page (and being the main character, of course that is frequent). It looks sexy but was very difficult and time-consuming to draw over and over again. Now though I barely even notice it, it comes as second nature and I'm glad for it.

This two-year anniversary concludes on an episode focusing on Elli, Lin's best friend and roommate, who despite being such an important character in Lin's life, has only just now gotten a full episode's worth of character devolopment. It's exciting to know that after all this time I've barely even scratched the surface of this ensemble cast and expansive setting in the comic proper. When I started the very first episode I barely knew anything about where Lin lived, what she did and who her friends were. Everything started exploding in my mind as I sketched, and before I knew it there was an entire history and lengthy string of relationships that connected this cast. And yet I haven't even explained yet in the comic why the city is called "Collision".

There will be many fascinating years to follow, I'll bet. I hope you guys will enjoy what is to come.


The making of a party (video!)

Man, I don't think I've ever drawn that many people in a single strip before without having them screw like monkeys. I must be insane from sleep deprivation.



Shiny things!

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I started really liking shiny things, but I'm pretty sure it was around the time I did that ol' beach arc during my Wendy comic. I started coloring stuff this way more often around that point.

This is one of the things about my art people tend to complain about the most, and I'm like "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
"How could they not find shiny things sexy, I just don't understand. I can't comprehend it. I mean, they're shiny."

I guess it comes down to moderation. People may find shiny things sexy every once in a while, but they'd rather not see it EVERYWHERE. But that part of my brain is broken, apparently, and I would not mind seeing the entire world dipped in baby oil. I suppose that's where it crosses the line from admiration to a full-blown fetish.

But I suppose that's all right. As far as fetishes go, that's surely one of the less disturbing ones. And I'm in pretty good company at that.

Shirow crossed the line to hardcore porn so gradually we hardly even noticed. And almost everything he draws now is super-goddamn-slick in several ways! Some may say he goes a little overboard with it now, but those people are crazy.
I like Shirow. This is a man who has fun with his art!

Luckypan's comics feature similar shading too, and it's nice to have at least one other artist around these parts who likes shiny.

What is it about shininess that makes things sexy? I mean, what is it exactly? There has to be some reason. I think it mainly has to do with how it accentuates the beauty of the human body. It draws out all the shapes and curves and whatnot. Observe what I mean with this example of shiny in real life!

Susana Spears, for those wondering.

Also, the general look of perspiration and uh... the sexy shagged out look and etc etc

But I guess there's also the thing where when people are shiny, the reader wonders. Why? How did they GET that way? Sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense, and I can see how that'd bother someone. Occasionally, I'll try to write something in there.

The Office Romance was a story that had an oil massage in it, so the shiny made perfect sense!

Wendy had a suntan oil rubdown at the beginning of this story! Perfect sense! But uhhh Skippy is just like that naturally. Some people are! Right?

I try not to let the shiny affect my non-porn work too much, as my style of shiny often has a "porny" effect, whether intended or not. The CutePD in Girly are an exception since they're supposed to be stupidly sexy cops. They all wear latex. It's kind of silly.

But yeah, that was my shiny post. I hope you enjoyed it.


N'Awlins and Beyond!

I'm glad a few of you good folks are pleased to see Chiba again. Going on 7 years now? Shit...Your patience is greatly appreciated. This is one of my favorite stories to work on, but with the day job/other projects/social life(drugs), it's hard to keep a steady pace on the book. But whenever I get the free time, I always play around with Chiba.

The first 11 pages recently posted is the first batch of the final chapter of the series. heh! I literally wanted to start out with a "bang". But there will be plenty of twists and turns until the end...which is probably going to run an epic 100+ pages. At the rate I'm going...it'll be finished in another 7 years : p

But seriously, to everyone that's been keeping up...thanks!

Oh yea...the page on the left. This is a page from Chapter 2's bank robbery that was never released online, and was made exclusive for the print version. Since I'm feeling festive, I decided to share it with everybody.