Detail Mania (+ video!)

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Would you believe that, rather than being lazy and putting off making a new details post, that I've instead been saving up for a giant post of millions of them?

Would you believe a half dozen of them?

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I'm quite pleased with the way Summer came out in these panels. The last one in particular just tickles my fancy; I don't think I've ever drawn her more enraptured by a mixture of schadenfreude and opportunism.

And just in case you thought Summer's clothes were less red than she'd ever be caught dead in, I think this detail proves beyond any doubt that the thrill she gets from wearing a certain roommate's clothes is beginning to outweigh her color preference.

...at least when no one else is looking.

And to top it all off, here's another "Making-of" video.

I think I just keep making these because the fast-motion lets me delude myself into thinking I can whip the next one out in no time flat. It's a good delusion to have when deadlines are looming.


anonymousse said...

Summer does look pleased with herself. :3

Daemon said...

Hah I love in the 2nd panel when the cameltoe is the first real detail drawn in... You've got your priorities straight ;-)