Here is Bandwagon. You can jumps on it.

Since Wocgirl is my bestest gay rocket scientist porn comic friend in the entire world, I see fit to take her advice and produce an entry for this site, complete with detail pic! A bit of an oldie at this point, but it's the best example I've got(click for the bigness):

what she's yelling SOUNDS very threatening to him of course

This one comes from Episode 5, which upon looking at is still one of my best-drawn episodes. I need to kick it up a notch! Normally I don't have good detail-pic fodder because I specifically ink things with thick, rudimentary lines so that all pertinent details will show up the way I want them to when shrunk down. But there are exceptions like this image of Elizabeth here flinging the poor innkeeper which has very little discernable detail in the published image.

I'll try to start contributing to this blog more in the future! Perhaps with interesting tidbits of background information about Linburger's setting that doesn't find its way into the narrative proper.

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Anonymous said...

You draw nice! Great story! Thanks for posting!