The spiritual successor of a character from this comic:

With this girl's hair (also from the same comic:

and glasses, because glasses are super.

"Koneko" was the name of the girl from the earlier comic. So Skippy is basically a less "lame-o anime" version of her. It's the archtype of the "extremely hot but shy girl who is always discovering how much she loves sex" that is found everywhere in porn.
It's fun to write, because, well... it's basically hot, for one thing... and for another, it's so intrinsically goofy.

Skippy is such a porn character.

And her name is Skippy.

In the next entry I'll probably go over what the deal is with the shininess.


Detail Mania (+ video!)

(click to enlarge)

Would you believe that, rather than being lazy and putting off making a new details post, that I've instead been saving up for a giant post of millions of them?

Would you believe a half dozen of them?

(click to enlarge)

I'm quite pleased with the way Summer came out in these panels. The last one in particular just tickles my fancy; I don't think I've ever drawn her more enraptured by a mixture of schadenfreude and opportunism.

And just in case you thought Summer's clothes were less red than she'd ever be caught dead in, I think this detail proves beyond any doubt that the thrill she gets from wearing a certain roommate's clothes is beginning to outweigh her color preference.

...at least when no one else is looking.

And to top it all off, here's another "Making-of" video.

I think I just keep making these because the fast-motion lets me delude myself into thinking I can whip the next one out in no time flat. It's a good delusion to have when deadlines are looming.


The Key to Her Heart 7: THE PLOT THICKENS.

hey, those crazy kids are back again! what horrible web of lies will Julian/et and Nadia get stuck in this time? it's gonna be crazy, that's for sure.

to anyone who's been waiting since May to see where this story goes, I'm sorry I left you hanging for so long! :'{ to anyone who had no idea there was an ongoing story and thought it was just a disjointed collection of little naughty stories about a guy who turns into a gal, I, uh, hope to prove you wrong, I guess! sexfully wrong.

I love drawing little individual silly stories that stand on their own, but ain't nothin' wrong with a little continuity sometimes.