Take a Woc on the Animated Side

I think I'm getting crazier as I get older. Instead of a comic this month, I've decided to a series of short animations. Here's a preview of a test sketch.

Clearly, this will escalate to unhealthy levels. Some day, you'll end up with either a full feature-length movie, or a babbling Woc driven insane by the ideas that refuse to keep spilling from her head.


Lez, Cinder and Goo Girls, oh my!

Just recently I've drawn a whole butt load of comics for Slipshine in a sudden growth spurt of, um.. spurtiness. I'm trying to get off my kiester and try new things. Things with breasts and penises and butts and-

Y'all like Lez, right? Oh hey, there's Pin too! And a new buggy girl!

And speaking of butts, here's Cinder the goth dick chick with a gigantic, bubble butt goo girl named Bleach. Let the hot dickings commence!

There are over 150+ of my comics to enjoy at slipshine, and that's not even counting the other great artists! :O