needs mor sexxins!

I realised after i uploaded this scene that this sequence in which Thomas Goodmuffin is getting some attention from a crew of lady pirates... sort of needed another page. It doesnt change the narrative at all but does add to the overall effect.

Unfortunately the update got posted before i could complete it so i am putting it here for the moment.


Take a Woc on the Animated Side

I think I'm getting crazier as I get older. Instead of a comic this month, I've decided to a series of short animations. Here's a preview of a test sketch.

Clearly, this will escalate to unhealthy levels. Some day, you'll end up with either a full feature-length movie, or a babbling Woc driven insane by the ideas that refuse to keep spilling from her head.


Lez, Cinder and Goo Girls, oh my!

Just recently I've drawn a whole butt load of comics for Slipshine in a sudden growth spurt of, um.. spurtiness. I'm trying to get off my kiester and try new things. Things with breasts and penises and butts and-

Y'all like Lez, right? Oh hey, there's Pin too! And a new buggy girl!

And speaking of butts, here's Cinder the goth dick chick with a gigantic, bubble butt goo girl named Bleach. Let the hot dickings commence!

There are over 150+ of my comics to enjoy at slipshine, and that's not even counting the other great artists! :O


welcome to the Pleasure Dome!

..or more specifically tales from someplace beyond it which is possibly even more awesome! That is of course the purpose of a title like that which leaves the door open for just about anything as long as it is full of awesome. There will probably be some characters developing as it goes and possibly at some point some of those characters will interact in some larger narrative structure... which will i am sure be full of awesome-ness. At the moment though i am maintaining my ignorance of such things because i know anything i come up with now will seem pale and uninteresting compared to what i might come up with in the future. One must preserve the precious potential possibilities for as long as possible.