Speaking of what women want...

I've been contemplating a few things recently and would like to share some ideas!

This is in lieu of the previous post about more "Male" pinups and such. As I've been toiling away on two short stories (traditionally inked + Marker mind you! FULL COLOR YESSSS) I've been wondering if making one that was more focused on the male, would be more acceptable!

I see a lot of hentai/comics/porn that specifically shows more of the female's expression. Now...would it be strange if I were to do a few short stories that, say, flipped that around? Make the focus on the guy? Would a full on Yaoi story be taking it too far? threesome with male/male/female? I know a general consensus is 'no' on the gay (I think), but...well... we sure have a lot of lesbians. And I like them as much as the next gal (pleasing to the eye, fun to draw and all that) but would I be allowed to balance this out with the other gender? How about a tentical+guy story? Any other suggestions are completely welcome. I'm totally willing to draw the other side of it all, I was just under the impression that it was kind of a "Nono". And I wanna give the girl members something to fap over too! (Although I'm sure they do that already <3 )

And I'd be ALL for male-ey pinups :D human, dragon-dudes, or otherwise. That and cute/fluffy couple-shots for bannermaking.



Yes, yes, there was a banner ad I used in the recent 4chan campaign primarily to provoke bemusement, and it sure did. The results were pretty nice, because the whole campaign in general kind of sucked up to that point. It was my fault for making a bunch of bland, boring, generic porn ads... but I'll save that for another post, probably.

Anyway, the ad featuring Tim Fischer's muscled idiot from the Polyp comics was pretty funny. Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho........ but it IS true, you know. We try not to make it a complete nipple-fest in these parts. Nobody seems to like to talk about it, but everyone knows that cocks and man-ass are an integral part of the sexual experience as well. The idea that only lonely guys enjoy porn is the biggest bullshit myth ever. Everyone likes it. Porn is for everybody.

Unfortunately, I've been doing kind of a lame job making this clear myself. If you look at Slipshine's front page, ALL the icons are just tits, tits, tits at the moment. This is entirely my fault. I guess that's where my brain was. In tits. I'm still working on the site revamp, so I'll be sure to alleviate this as time goes by.

(Incidentally, artists, we do need more color, pinuppy art of males for ads and buttons and the like. Or art of men and women placed snugly together so they can fit on an ad or button)

I've said my piece. If anyone has any thought on cocks, please reply to this post.



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