The spiritual successor of a character from this comic:

With this girl's hair (also from the same comic:

and glasses, because glasses are super.

"Koneko" was the name of the girl from the earlier comic. So Skippy is basically a less "lame-o anime" version of her. It's the archtype of the "extremely hot but shy girl who is always discovering how much she loves sex" that is found everywhere in porn.
It's fun to write, because, well... it's basically hot, for one thing... and for another, it's so intrinsically goofy.

Skippy is such a porn character.

And her name is Skippy.

In the next entry I'll probably go over what the deal is with the shininess.


@$$ said...

But, is she taller than Wendy?
Also I dunno, Josh... but Skippy doesn't exactly LOOK like a closet exhibitionist... She comes off more like the "cluelessly-hot chick".
possibly because she's not blushing furiously and sweating profusely while raising her miniskirt to reveal her latex crotchless panties for all to see. She's just kinda, you know... THERE.


BRB, gonna go fanart now...

Does the shininess REALLY need explanation?

Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks ALOT like Sayoko from slut girl (The one in the old comic)


is that where you got your inspiration from?