Doctor Voluptua - once a Slipshine comic

Doctor Voluptua is one of those comics I'll be working on when I'm not running Slipshine. It may seem strange for the owner of Slipshine to draw a porn comic and host it off site, but the explanation is pretty simple. First of all, space has been kinda limited and I wanted to make room for the other artists. But mostly, this is an ongoing experiment to gauge the possibility of offering free adult comics through the Slipshine network. When it comes to dangerous experiments like this, I'd rather put my own head on the chopping block than send another one of my artists out there.

Offering free porn comics is... not easy. The benefit is that you reach a wider audience. And said benefit can be a curse, because free porn can inevitably lead to high bandwidth. And how can you pay for it? Making money with internet porn can be tough because companies like P*ypal don't want anything to do with us. Companies like CCBill are nice to us but only offer subscription services. So how do we sell merchandise? We'll there are ways. A lot of them are kinda expensive. Ultimately I'll figure something out, but it takes time.

Soooo.. don't expect all of Slipshine to be free anytime soon. But in the distant future, who knows...

At any rate, it's been fun drawing the current story. If you're not reading it yet, that's doctorvoluptua.com Now updating again!


Stephen said...

Sexually explicit t-shirts?

Max Hass said...

There are plenty of good reasons to use a small amount of free artwork for promoting a larger base of pay content. Many good adult sites have a free area that gives their artists plenty of room to show off concepts and bounce ideas around.

There is no solid reason one could not package a so-called 'free' webcomic with additional materials in the future.

Some European artists have turned a blind eye to scans of their older collections turning up on the web. In some cases, it refreshes sales of the books, if handled right.