My mental pussy is queefing out comics like WHOA!

Konichiwa, bitches!
where the fuck is chiba?
i apologize for the lack of porny goodness from 0069. but my goodie-two-shoes alter-ego, Gabe Lamberty has been wasting his time working on pornoless comic books.

This one is called SPEED DEMONZ!
It's going to be published under Angry Viking Press, which is pretty fucking sweet, since this is technically Gabe's first solo non-porno comic, which is kinda like a big deal. Speed Demonz is scheduled to be released during saint diago comic con! (i hope) Click on the link to check out sample pages.

Don't get it twisted folks.
i haven't forgotten about "tha shine"...
as a matter of fact, i'm finishing up a quickie for the stash. i don't mean to be arrogant...but this is probably the sexiest comic i have ever drawn.
haha! stay tuned...