N'Awlins and Beyond!

I'm glad a few of you good folks are pleased to see Chiba again. Going on 7 years now? Shit...Your patience is greatly appreciated. This is one of my favorite stories to work on, but with the day job/other projects/social life(drugs), it's hard to keep a steady pace on the book. But whenever I get the free time, I always play around with Chiba.

The first 11 pages recently posted is the first batch of the final chapter of the series. heh! I literally wanted to start out with a "bang". But there will be plenty of twists and turns until the end...which is probably going to run an epic 100+ pages. At the rate I'm going...it'll be finished in another 7 years : p

But seriously, to everyone that's been keeping up...thanks!

Oh yea...the page on the left. This is a page from Chapter 2's bank robbery that was never released online, and was made exclusive for the print version. Since I'm feeling festive, I decided to share it with everybody.

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