Shiny things!

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I started really liking shiny things, but I'm pretty sure it was around the time I did that ol' beach arc during my Wendy comic. I started coloring stuff this way more often around that point.

This is one of the things about my art people tend to complain about the most, and I'm like "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
"How could they not find shiny things sexy, I just don't understand. I can't comprehend it. I mean, they're shiny."

I guess it comes down to moderation. People may find shiny things sexy every once in a while, but they'd rather not see it EVERYWHERE. But that part of my brain is broken, apparently, and I would not mind seeing the entire world dipped in baby oil. I suppose that's where it crosses the line from admiration to a full-blown fetish.

But I suppose that's all right. As far as fetishes go, that's surely one of the less disturbing ones. And I'm in pretty good company at that.

Shirow crossed the line to hardcore porn so gradually we hardly even noticed. And almost everything he draws now is super-goddamn-slick in several ways! Some may say he goes a little overboard with it now, but those people are crazy.
I like Shirow. This is a man who has fun with his art!

Luckypan's comics feature similar shading too, and it's nice to have at least one other artist around these parts who likes shiny.

What is it about shininess that makes things sexy? I mean, what is it exactly? There has to be some reason. I think it mainly has to do with how it accentuates the beauty of the human body. It draws out all the shapes and curves and whatnot. Observe what I mean with this example of shiny in real life!

Susana Spears, for those wondering.

Also, the general look of perspiration and uh... the sexy shagged out look and etc etc

But I guess there's also the thing where when people are shiny, the reader wonders. Why? How did they GET that way? Sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense, and I can see how that'd bother someone. Occasionally, I'll try to write something in there.

The Office Romance was a story that had an oil massage in it, so the shiny made perfect sense!

Wendy had a suntan oil rubdown at the beginning of this story! Perfect sense! But uhhh Skippy is just like that naturally. Some people are! Right?

I try not to let the shiny affect my non-porn work too much, as my style of shiny often has a "porny" effect, whether intended or not. The CutePD in Girly are an exception since they're supposed to be stupidly sexy cops. They all wear latex. It's kind of silly.

But yeah, that was my shiny post. I hope you enjoyed it.


artemuswolfwood said...

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Luckypan said...

Ah maann.. Galhound. Probably one of my favorite series of works that Shirow's done in a long time. You have no idea how like, obsessed I am about those posterbooks...fffff.

And shiny. I don't think I can get enough shiny. It's why everything I do has it... well most. I'm trying to vary it a little. But god, porn MUST = SHINY for me. Wet slick and shiny *u*.

Luckypan said...

Also: Another SUPER shiny artist that heavily influences my work for the curious ---> http://eng.dlsite.com/fsr/=/ck/HQ (NSFW)

His name is Halfquarter (HQ) and he's like the father of tentacle porn. He created a little dos game called Inju. His normal site is: http://hqsweb.com

John Evans said...

I've always felt that everyone is "insane" in some way. If being obsessed with shininess is your biggest problem, then hell, you're in a pretty good situation.

marzipanapple said...

I think *you're* actually the reason I love shiny. Wayy back when I first discovered Wendy, I came in and promptly fell in love (style/colors/SHINY). And now I can't get enough of shiny/slippery art.

Anonymous said...

Shiny/oiled-up is the best.