About to hit 2 years.

It took me HOW long to start drawing noses?

When this next update for Linburger goes up it will officially mark the comic being around for over 2 years now! Time goes by so quickly someimes. Though I constantly see flaws and mistakes in the artwork and writing overall I am really proud of this work. It's fun telling a story just like you would any other, but the camera doesn't pan away when the characters begin to have sex. It's as much a part of who they are as anything else, the good and the bad, the naughty and the nice.

I remember when I first started, severely regretting the design I had come up with for Lin's hair. The vaguely-dreadlocked style with all the random beads and straps was by far one of the most complicated hairstyles I had ever come up with and I kind of dreaded inking it whenever Lin was on-page (and being the main character, of course that is frequent). It looks sexy but was very difficult and time-consuming to draw over and over again. Now though I barely even notice it, it comes as second nature and I'm glad for it.

This two-year anniversary concludes on an episode focusing on Elli, Lin's best friend and roommate, who despite being such an important character in Lin's life, has only just now gotten a full episode's worth of character devolopment. It's exciting to know that after all this time I've barely even scratched the surface of this ensemble cast and expansive setting in the comic proper. When I started the very first episode I barely knew anything about where Lin lived, what she did and who her friends were. Everything started exploding in my mind as I sketched, and before I knew it there was an entire history and lengthy string of relationships that connected this cast. And yet I haven't even explained yet in the comic why the city is called "Collision".

There will be many fascinating years to follow, I'll bet. I hope you guys will enjoy what is to come.

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